mediumbold's technical planning and implementation services are built to the individual needs of each client. We develop solutions that focus on ease of use, open standards, and easy maintenance. Our test-driven development process provides accurate, dependable solutions that support our clients' specific business goals.

Content Management Systems

A company's content management strategy is as important as the design of the site itself. We specialize in a range of CMS products, allowing us to tailor a solution to the unique requirements of each client, from enterprise platforms like Interwoven TeamSite, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Ingeniux, to open source applications like Plone and Wordpress.


When a virtual storefront is the backbone of a company's retail strategy, the software that manages it needs to be flexible and dependable. mediumbold works with platforms like Microsoft Commerce Server, osCommerce, and PayPal.

Rich Applications

The traditional browser limitations no longer constrain the possibilities of web-based applications. mediumbold employs cutting-edge technologies such as AJAX, Adobe's Flex and Flash, and Javascript libraries like MooTools and jQuery to create sites that blur the lines between Web and desktop.

Custom Solutions

The technology that supports a company's work should be as innovative and ground-breaking as the work itself. When the available solutions are simply not good enough, mediumbold creates better solutions, using proven platforms like ASP.NET, J2EE, and Rails.